Anti-Counterfeiting Measures (Series-C notes)


Watermarks are created by producing variations in the thickness of the paper, and can be either light or shaded. They are combined to pattern banknotes elaborately.

  • Series-C 10,000 yen note(Horyuji temple)
  • Series-C 5,000 yen note(Shotoku Taishi)
  • Series-C 1,000 yen note(Hirobumi Ito)
  • Series-C 500 yen note(Cherry blossom and wavy lines)

Intaglio printing

Image designs of the values and portraits on banknotes are thickly printed to give a notable texture.

Image:Intaglio printing

Ultrafine-line printing

Banknote designs are drawn with extremely fine lines. Such fine lines can hardly be replicated by color copy machines, or by ordinary printing equipment or similar devices.

Ultrafine-line printing

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