Banknotes Manufacturing

The National Printing Bureau ensures a stable manufacturing of Bank of Japan notes, which require advanced anti-counterfeiting technologies and strict manufacturing controls, to provide the number of notes required by the national economy.


Securities and Postage Stamps Manufacturing

The National Printing Bureau produces passports, revenue and postage stamps, and other such items that need to be highly resistant to counterfeiting. The Bureau ensures a steady supply of these products, while maintaining high quality standards, so the public can use them with peace of mind.

Security Products

Government Publications

In addition to editing and printing the Official Gazette, which serves as a medium for promulgating laws, ordinances, treaties, etc., and for publishing pronouncements in accordance with the provisions of laws, the National Printing Bureau produces publications that are required to be made available to the public, such as statute books, government budgets and government financial statements.

Official Gazette

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