Oji Plant

The Oji Plant's ISO 14001 Certification.

About the Oji Plant

The Oji Plant attained environmental management system certification in January 2018.
In line with its philosophy of manufacturing appealing products and contributing to society, the plant strives to maintain a challenging and environmentally friendly workplace in consideration of the environment, coexistence with the local community, safety/security and environmental protection in its activities.
The plant maintains a commitment to ongoing development of its environmental management system toward improved performance and other goals, and toward the promotion of environmentally friendly activities.

Registration Information

Registration January 15, 2018
Expiration January 14, 2024
Certificate number JSAE1658
Certification body JSA Solutions Co.,LTD.
Applicable standard ISO14001:2015
Scope of certification 1.Manufacture of stamp and various securities.
2.Promotional activities for National Printing Bureau activities.

Environmental Policy

Basic Principle

The Oji Plant opened in 1876 in today's Kita-ku area of Tokyo, and has manufactured everyday products in public circulation ever since. In consideration of the environment, plant staff maintain an ongoing commitment to improve and innovate operations, working together to strengthen the foundation of its operations and maintain the trust of clients and the public.
The plant is dedicated to staff safety and wellbeing, maintenance of a pleasant working environment, and development of technology to achieve its goals. Focus is placed on compliance, social responsibility based on the establishment's official status as an Agency Engaged in Administrative Execution, and development of employee initiatives in response to environmental change.

Environmental Action Guidelines

The urban Oji Plant follows an environmental policy toward the realization of its policies and targets, with ongoing efforts for the development of its related management system. Work in this regard incorporates global warming mitigation via reduced carbon dioxide emissions and focus on local environment preservation, including.

  • Efforts to promote energy/resource conservation via improved operations and technology development.
  • Staff training toward the achievement of environmental goals.
  • Promotion of compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

April 1, 2020
Kazuharu Saito
Oji Plant
National Printing Bureau, Japan

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