Okayama Plant

The Okayama Plant's ISO 14001 Certification.

About the Okayama Plant

The Okayama Plant focuses on resource/energy conservation and waste reduction/recycling as part of its environmentally friendly operations. Systematic ongoing efforts in this regard were initially supported by the plant's adoption of ISO 14001 standards in August 2006, with actual certification secured in December 2007.
The facility remains committed to the running of its environmental management system to ensure the inclusion of all employees in related activities.

Registration Information

Registration December 12, 2007
Expiration December 11, 2022
Certificate number EC20J0004
Certification body Authority Japan Audit and Certification Organization for Environment and Quality
Applicable standard ISO14001:2015
Scope of certification Manufacture of paper for Bank of Japan notes.

Environmental Policy

Basic Principle

The Okayama Plant manufactures Bank of Japan note paper and other products with focus on effective use of water from the local River Yoshii, appropriate handling of wastewater, promotion of resource/energy conservation and waste reduction, and contribution to preservation of the global environment.
To this end, the plant's basic philosophy involves operation and ongoing improvement of its environmental management system as well as full consideration of the local environment to protect biodiversity/ecosystems and prevent pollution..

Environmental Action Guidelines

Focus is placed on the following basic-philosophy items along with environmental targets for ongoing maintenance/improvement:

  • Compliance with environmental laws, regulations and other stipulations.
  • Efforts to reduce resource/energy consumption.
  • Comprehensive separation, reduction and recycling of waste.
  • Active work to improve environmental awareness.
  • Measures to protect the local environment and prevent environmental incidents.

April 1, 2021
Awa Naoyoshi
Okayama Plant
National Printing Bureau, Japan

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