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Research Institute's ISO 14001 Information.

About the Research Institute

Research Institute obtained ISO 14001:2015 certification in December 2017, not only to comply with laws and regulations and reduce environmental risks, but also to work voluntarily, proactively and continuously on environmental protection.
We will continue to promote research and development activities for earth-friendly and environmentally friendly products and technologies in the future.

Registration Information

Registration December 11, 2017
Expiration December 10, 2023
Certificate number JSAE1654
Certification body JSA Solutions Co.,Ltd.
Applicable standard ISO14001:2015
Scope of certification R&D in areas including printing, paper-making, electronic technologies and anti-counterfeiting for Bank of Japan notes.

Environmental Policy

Basic Principle

The National Printing Bureau's Research Institute strives to reduce the environmental impacts of its R&D and to develop environmentally friendly products/materials in the interests of sustainability.

Environmental Action Guidelines

To realize this principle, the Institute runs an environmental management system with ongoing development to improve its environmental performance with focus on.

  • Compliance with environmental laws, regulations and other stipulations.
  • Use of materials to achieve low environmental impacts.
  • Efforts to reduce waste and conserve resources/energy.
  • Ongoing training for staff awareness of environmental issues.

April 1, 2020
Sadamichi Oe
Research Institute
National Printing Bureau, Japan

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