Shizuoka Plant

The Shizuoka Plant's ISO 14001 Certification.

About the Shizuoka Plant

The Shizuoka Plant prints Bank of Japan notes within a rich natural environment spanning the high peaks of the Southern Alps to Suruga Bay and the pine forests of Miho. The establishment is dedicated to maintaining and controlling the quality of wastewater and ensuring sustainability via effective use of energy and resources, such as minimizing the use of electricity, gas and raw materials. Staff remain committed to management system development based on the PDCA cycle to ensure ongoing environmentally friendly production.

Registration Information

Registration March 16, 2009
Expiration March 15, 2024
Certificate number JSAE 1655
Certification body Authority JSA Solutions Co.,Ltd
Applicable standard ISO14001:2015
Scope of certification Manufacture of Bank of Japan notes.

Environmental Policy

Basic Principle

The Shizuoka Plant supports the global environment by promoting energy/resource conservation, reducing waste and working in harmony with the environment in manufacturing Bank of Japan notes. The site has views of Japan's iconic Mt. Fuji and is blessed with a natural environment that incorporates Suruga Bay, the Southern Alps and the pristine River Abe.
The plant's management system is premised on environmental performance, ongoing improvement and prevention of pollution with a basic philosophy focusing on.

Environmental Action Guidelines

  • Compliance with environmental laws/regulations and plant commitments.
  • Active efforts to promote environmental awareness among all employees.
  • Reduced usage of utilities (electricity, gas) and resources (water, paper).
  • Reduction and recycling of waste associated with operations.
  • Designation of the Heishinike pond on the premises as a biodiversity protection area and efforts for related environmental conservation.
  • Environmental focus with optimal use of solar power generation and other forms of renewable energy.

April 1, 2020
Takatoshi Shinada
Shizuoka Plant
National Printing Bureau, Japan

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