Tokyo Plant

The Tokyo Plant's ISO 14001 Certification.

About the Tokyo Plant

The Tokyo Plant manufactures Bank of Japan notes as well as a wide variety of products with full consideration of global environmental protection and energy/resource conservation.
The plant's ISO 14001 management system certification, attained in December 2002, supports the ongoing improvement of this work and underpins the plant's active engagement in environmentally friendly activities. In December 2017, an update involving the revised 2015 standard was implemented for optimal system operation and functionality.
Plant staff remain committed to their environmental protection activities and ongoing management system development toward environmentally friendly operation.

Registration Information

Registration December 13, 2002
Expiration December 12, 2023
Certificate number EC19J0010
Certification body Japan Audit and Certification Organization for Environment and Quality
Applicable standard ISO14001:2015
Scope of certification Manufacture of Bank of Japan notes, securities and other items (including design, engraving, manufacture of plates and ink, printing, inspection and finishing) and production of printed materials such as official gazettes and statute books.

Environmental Policy

Basic Principle

The Tokyo Plant remains committed to minimizing environmental impacts related to the production of Bank of Japan notes, securities, official gazettes, statute books and other printed matter, and to contributing to sustainability and environmental friendliness.

Environmental Action Guidelines

This basic philosophy is supported by a focus on reliable operation and ongoing improvement of the environmental management system toward.

  • Compliance with environmental laws, regulations and other stipulations.
  • Prevention of environmental pollution.
  • Promotion of resource/energy conservation and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reduction of waste.
  • Ongoing training for staff awareness of environmental issues.
  • Community contribution via environmental protection activities.

April 1, 2019
Hideo Teramura
Tokyo Plant
National Printing Bureau, Japan

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