Technological cooperation with the State Bank of Viet Nam – Long-term expert dispatch –

Based on a Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) technological project to strengthen the State Bank of Viet Nam’s currency issuance capacity, the National Printing Bureau dispatched a staff member as a JICA expert on a long-term basis in late November 2014.

The three-year project is intended to strengthen the bank’s ink production capacity with focus on areas such as ink manufacture and factory production control.

The National Printing Bureau had previously run short-term training programs for State Bank of Viet Nam staff and dispatched experts on a short-term basis. The two parties have collaborated more closely since this project was launched.

State Bank of Viet Nam

The work is performed in line with the National Printing Bureau’s third mid-term plan and the annual program for fiscal 2014. As a way of enhancing international cooperation, the Bureau engages in technological collaboration with governments of other countries and dispatches professional technicians based on annual programs.

The Bureau will continue to pursue exchanges of information and mutual visits with other countries in consideration of situations at home and abroad.

The State Bank of Viet Nam is the central bank of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam. Vietnamese banknotes are manufactured at the bank’s printing works (the National Banknote Printing Plant).

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