ImageRipple wins Best Paper Award at the 1st International Conference on Advanced Imaging


The 1st International Conference on Advanced Imaging (ICAI) was held in Hitotsubashi Hall at Tokyo’s National Center of Sciences from June 17 to 19, 2015. At the event, the ICAI Best Paper Award was presented to the National Printing Bureau (NPB) for its development of ImageRipple (an anti-counterfeiting technology).

The ICAI conference is a large international event co-hosted by five imaging-related societies and institutes (the Japanese Society of Printing Science and Technology, the Society of Photography and Imaging of Japan, The Imaging Society of Japan, The Institute of Image Electronics Engineers of Japan, and The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers). The agenda covered the five areas of Digital Processing, International Standardization and its Strategy, Image Capturing and Utilization of Image, Imaging Materials and Devices, and Printing and Fabrication. This wide range of program components facilitated lively interdisciplinary discussions.

At the conference, the National Printing Bureau gave a presentation titled “Development of Digital Imaging Technologies for Security Design” that outlined the history of ImageRipple’s development as well as its functionality and advantages. The presentation highlighted the uniqueness of the technology, which added to its positive image and helped the Bureau to win the ICAI Best Paper Award.


Overview of ImageRipple

 This technology produces a dynamic visual effect by which two different latent images appear when a special transparent sheet called a lenticular lens is placed over a document. The technology has undergone a number of improvements since its initial development, resulting in the ability to embed either monochrome or full-color images in a printed area.

Overview of ImageRipple


*An embedded full-color portrait in a card becomes visible when a lenticular lens is placed over it. The embedded image can be cross-checked against the regular printed portrait to verify the card’s authenticity.



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