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Privacy Policy


We have established a privacy policy to protect the privacy rights of the users of the National Printing Bureau homepage.

Basic Concept

The Public Relations Office of the National Printing Bureau, Incorporated Administrative Agency (hereinafter referred to as the “Office”) collects information concerning the users of the National Printing Bureau homepage (this “Site”) to the extent that is needed for smooth operations of the services provided on this Site (such as provision of information through this Site and acceptance of opinions and questions from users). The collected information is handled properly, strictly within the scope of the intended uses described below.

Scope of Information Collected

  • This Site automatically collects information related to its visitors, such as Internet domain names, IP addresses, and browsing activities on this Site. This Site does not use cookies (information transmitted from a server to a user's browser and stored on the user's computer in order to enable the server to differentiate users).
  • This Site asks users of the “Contact Us” section to optionally provide their name, residence, sex, age, occupation, and e-mail address. Please note that if you send us an inquiry via e-mail without using the form, the sender's e-mail address will be displayed on the receiver's screen.

Intended Uses

  • Information collected on this Site will be used as reference in order to ensure smooth operations of the services provided on this Site.
  • Opinions and questions collected on this Site will be used as reference to help us improve information provided by the National Printing Bureau. We may use the collected names and e-mail addresses to respond to senders.

Restrictions on Use and Provision of Information

The Office will not use or make available to any third party the information collected on this Site for any purposes other than the Intended Uses described in item above, except when the Office receives an order under law to disclose the collected information, or when there is any special reason that justifies the disclosure of such information. The Office may publicize from time to time statistically processed information relating to access to this Site, the attributes of users of this Site, etc.

Security Measures

The Office will take all security measures needed to prevent divulgence or loss of, or damage to, collected information, and to ensure proper management thereof.


This privacy policy is applicable to this Site.

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