Environmental policy of the National Printing Bureau

The National Printing Bureau has built and is operating an environmental management system to conduct business activities in harmony with the environment.

Core Philosophy

Action Guideline

In order to realize this core philosophy, we will build and operate an environmental management system, through which we will promote our ecological activities with focus on the following issues:

Environmental Compliance

We will always comply with environmental laws and regulations, as well as with circulars and agreements with communities concerning the environment.

Resource and Energy Saving

We will strive for reduction of environmental load by controlling resource/energy consumption and waste production associated with our business activities.

Product Design and Production with Low Environmental Load

We will endeavor toward design and production that minimize environmental load throughout the lifecycle of our products, including the after-use phase.

Green Procurement

We will promote green procurement in accordance with the Law Concerning the Promotion of Procurement of Eco-Friendly Goods and Services by the State and Other Entities.

Environmental Conservation Enlightenment

In order to encourage voluntary environmental conservation efforts among employees, we will actively promote environmental awareness education programs for higher eco-awareness.

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