Products Requiring Anti-Counterfeiting Technology

The National Printing Bureau has developed advanced anti-counterfeiting technologies in the production of banknotes over the years. Such technologies are also applied in passports, postage stamps, revenue stamps, certificate paper for residence registries and other documents.

From material procurement to delivery, the National Printing Bureau manufactures such products under the same strict control system used for the manufacture of banknotes.


A passport is an official certificate issued by the Japanese Government to guarantee a citizen's nationality and identity as well as an official document requesting overseas governments to allow the bearer a safe and smooth passage. Accordingly, passports must meet counterfeit protection requirements set by the International Civil Aviation Organization as well as incorporating anti-counterfeiting technologies uniquely developed by the Bureau.

Revenue Stamps and Certificate Stamps

The National Printing Bureau's anti-counterfeiting technologies are also used in various government-issued stamps, including revenue stamps and automobile weight tax stamps, as well as prefectural certificate stamps.

Postage Stamps

Gravure stamps
Intaglio stamps
Stamps with our patented technology

Postage stamps can be seen as small works of fine art on mini canvasses. The National Printing Bureau uses gravure printing to reproduce subtle lines and rich shading for postage stamps with dynamic depth.

Japanese postage stamps (such as the stamps featuring a combination of gravure and intaglio printing, and stamps printed with two different images that appear alternately depending on the viewing angle) have gained a worldwide reputation for their integration of cutting-edge technologies and traditional skills.

Postage stamp production process

Making block copies for each color
Electronic photoengraver
Gravure rotary press
Automatic postage stamp finishing system

Certificate Paper

With recent improvements in the print quality of photocopying machines and printers, conventional anti-counterfeiting technologies are becoming insufficient. At the National Printing Bureau, focus is placed on easy authentication methods that do not require special devices and on incorporating various well-balanced technologies to produce paper with even more robust deterrents and counterfeit prevention measures.




ID Cards

The National Printing Bureau can produce various types of ID including identification cards and student IDs using advanced anti-counterfeiting technologies developed from experience in producing banknotes and passports over the years.

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