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Compliance Activities


We promise to enhance compliance in order to respond to the trust and expectations of the people.

Promise of the National Printing Bureau

Products and services that the National Printing Bureau provides the people and customers, including Bank of Japan notes, Official Gazettes and passports, are precious public resources, and like water or air to the economy and people's lives, and it is taken for granted that they are always available. On the other hand, if anything goes wrong with the supply, the social foundation that is built upon them will collapse in an instant.

We therefore endeavor to maintain the tradition and trust that our forerunners have built thus far and dependably fulfill the social responsibilities and missions that the public expects primarily based on the practice of compliance.

To this end, it is critical that each one of us has a strong will to take the lead in practicing compliance and actually do it. We will persevere in our operations with pride and the consciousness that we are bringing products that support Japan's basic social foundation into the world. Our sense of professionalism will ensure that we provide society with products and services of the highest reliability and quality, responding to people's trust and expectations.

National Printing Bureau

Basic Policies on Compliance

Since the National Printing Bureau is an agency that manufactures products including Bank of Japan notes that are indispensable to people's social and economic activities, it will strive to ensure compliance more actively based on the following policy and promotion system.

【Basic Policies】

  • The National Printing Bureau places social trust at the center of its all activities and positions compliance as one of its top management priorities.
  • Executives and regular employees take the lead in practicing compliance at the National Printing Bureau.

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