Bureau Overview

Basic Information

Agency Name National Printing Bureau
Japan Corporate Number (JCN) 6010405003434
Establishment April 1, 2003-National Printing Bureau, Incorporated Administrative Agency
(July 1871-Paper Money Office, Ministry of Finance)
Supervising Minister Minister of Finance
(Treasury Division, Ministry of Finance)
Representative OTSU Toshiya, President
Executive Officers Executive officers
Personnel 4,153 (as of January 1, 2024)
(Head Office)
2-2-5 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8445
Plants and
Other Facilities
Basic Regulation Act on the National Printing Bureau, Incorporated Administrative Agency (Act No. 41 of 2002)
Purposes Provided
in the Base Law
  1. (1)To contribute to the stability of the monetary system by manufacturing banknotes and providing necessary information to maintain the public's trust in banknotes.
  2. (2)To provide information that should be provided to the public from the public perspective by editing, printing and spreading Official Gazettes, and by editing, printing, issuing and spreading statute books, white papers, survey and statistical materials and other printed publications; and to manufacture government bond securities, revenue and postage stamps, and other securities and printed matters that are required to be made publicly available and provide them with complete reliability.

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