Message from the President


Welcome to the National Printing Bureau website.

The National Printing Bureau (NPB) of Japan manufactures products of a highly public nature on an exclusive basis. These include Bank of Japan notes, which play an important role in the nation’s payment and settlement systems, and the Official Gazette, through which the Japanese government issues official notices regarding laws, regulations and other matters. NPB also prints passports, postage stamps, revenue stamps and various other types of certification paper.

NPB has worked to ensure a stable supply of high-quality products for more than 140 years since its foundation in 1871 as the Paper Money Office (or Shiheishi in Japanese).
Japan has by far the lowest ratio of detected counterfeit banknotes of any major country/region thanks to NPB’s world-leading proprietary anti-counterfeiting technologies.

As such, Bank of Japan notes can be used with peace of mind, and fundamentally support the nation’s payment and settlement systems.
NPB’s anti-counterfeiting technologies are used in passports, postage stamps, revenue stamps and various other types of certification paper for which high security and reliability are required.

Japanese laws and ordinances are accurately and reliably promulgated via the Official Gazette even today, giving it an important role in supporting the nation’s legal infrastructure. In line with today’s trend of economic and societal digitization, the Online Official Gazette Service is now provided for even greater reader conveniences.

To ensure appropriate and smooth functioning of the country’s indispensable financial infrastructure, NPB remains committed to the manufacture and supply of high-quality products. The Bureau is also keenly aware of the importance of raising awareness of its products and organization to ensure public trust.

NPB is dedicated to its support for smooth financial functioning and public trust, and to appropriate performance of its duties for further contribution to the development of the national economy.

On behalf of the Bureau, I look forward to your kind understanding and continued support.

President, National Printing Bureau

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