Management Policy

Management Philosophy


Japan’s National Printing Bureau contributes to the country’s economic growth and to the public good by providing products (such as Bank of Japan notes, Official Gazettes and passports) and information services that support the nation’s infrastructure and everyday domestic life.

Output includes Bank of Japan notes which play an important role in the payment system, Official Gazettes for announcement of government information such as new legislation, passports serving as identification for overseas travel, postage stamps and other high-security products. In addition to such products, the Bureau also provides information services.
The Bureau works to advance the technology that has supported traditional manufacture since its establishment, to maintain the sense of trust it has cultivated, and to develop in line with the evolving public environments and expectations of the modern era. This work contributes to the national economy and to the stability of life in Japan.

Code of Conduct

Efforts in consideration of the future

NPB executives and employees remain committed to objective self-observation for value creation, thereby building on the trust already instilled in the organization and contributing to a bright future, both for the organization and for the public.

Ongoing development

NPB executives and employees are dedicated to self-development based on independent thought and tireless pursuit toward qualitative improvement of output via friendly competition for optimal conditions.

Good faith

NPB executives and employees act in good faith toward the public good in consideration of the organization’s trust and expectation obligations in its role as a national servant.

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